Client Testimonials

"...Everyone needs a bit of a lift every now and then and I decided that it was time to take the plunge and give the Amanuensis website a new look.

The old version was one that I had put together myself to get a web presence back in 2004, it was Ok, but website creation and management are not my forte and it wasn't projecting the image I wanted. So I started talking to other small business owners that I know and trust and I found a wonderful 'solopreneur' to work with me on this project. She owns a business called Inastyle (now Mais Creative).  Her work has made me realise that we all have areas of expertise and we should really work with them and exploit them. The difference a professional web master can make to your business website and ratings is huge. I have to say that I am thrilled with the new look, which has rippled through every aspect of my business.

I guess like all small business owners the temptation is to do everything.  It also gives you a false feeling of being in control.  I of all people should understand this trap as, being a VA, part of my role is offering to take away some of the tasks a business owner is doing that is not a good use of their time.

We all need to have a good look at what we do on a daily or a weekly basis and ask the question 'am I focusing on my business, or am I spending valuable time doing things that I should either delegate or outsource?'  Whatever your expertise you should keep focused on that and far less of your precious time should be spent doing things that are not in your area of expertise.  Often this is the admin and book-keeping required to run your business, the 'nuts and bolts'.  These are things that are easily outsourced freeing your time to work 'on' your business."

Claire Hone, Amanuensis

"....My business had been going for only a few months when Inastyle stepped in to help me out.   I was so impressed with the way Narelle knew exactly what was needed from such a short discussion with me, her experience having owned her own businesses was extremely valuable.   I let her loose with her creative flair and attention to detail.  The results show on the site with her choice of colours and designs which work so well.  She sorted out the messy jobs of setting up accounts etc ensuring my domain name was secured within days.

We have continued to change the site after having it up and running for a while and learning from what works best and nothing has been too much trouble.  The business that I gain from having a web site is around 40% of my total customers and it provides information to my current customers without me having to pay for expensive brochures etc.

I cannot recommend Inastyle (Mais Creative) highly enough.  Thank you!!!!"

Julie Murfet, Body Wellness

"...My business website, Interim Business Solutions, was a tired, 3yro site that I created for myself in FrontPage as the budget just wasn't there when starting out.   The site was more than ready for an overhaul.  I came across and loved the feel Narelle had created for her own business and her Portfolio reinforced this even further.

I had contacted other web developers previously who had lead me to believe this was going to cost $1,000s and I would lose control over the site.  Without hesitating, Narelle said "Yes, of course I can do that for you" and we never looked back.

Via a number of emails and only one phone call the entire web site was revamped and I was thrilled with the end result.  Narelle was a gem to work with and I would without hesitation, recommend her to any individual or business that is requiring a professional web presence."

Kirsty Wilson, Interim Business Solutions

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